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  1. The duration of a session will be 55 minutes.
  2. These sessions are based on an individual program with continuous supervision and instruction.
  3. Please wear comfortable workout clothes that enable the instructor to observe the functioning of the body. No footwear is required (socks optional). Cleaning the feet before your session is requested. Harmony Studios provides a hygienic environment for all clientele.
  4. IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE, please provide an accurate medical history to the studio and ensure that this history remains current. If you are suffering from chronic or acute pain, please seek medical attention. While Pilates and other modalities offered here have been known aid in a variety of conditions, we do not advise clients use our services in lieu of physical therapy unless authorized and advised by your doctor. 
  5. Please inform the instructor if you experience discomfort of any kind during the course of your session.
  6. We work hands-on (i.e., we touch you). If this is uncomfortable for you in any way, please communicate that to us.
  7. Your sessions will include work on apparatus as well as mats. We encourage you to do the mat exercises at home and we will be happy to design a daily regimen for you.
  8. Your Harmony program will not be counter-productive to any other physical activity you are involved in. It will, in fact, enhance your performance and progress at Harmony.
  9. You are entering into an agreement with Harmony Studios, Inc., not with any specific instructor. The studio has an obligation to meet your goals and maximize the time you spend with us. To accomplish this, and because each instructor has specific focus areas, we may sometimes reassign instructors to maximize the benefits of a client’s program. It should be noted, however, that Harmony maintains a “no questions asked” policy. Anyone can move to an alternative trainer upon request. Nonetheless, Harmony’s program director will select that new instructor and do so based on that instructor’s expertise in the areas required by the client’s program.
  10. All training sessions are paid in–full, in advance. For ongoing clients who buy packages, Harmony Studios does occasionally permit “negative balances”, but for only up to one session. Any sessions past this will be automatically charged to the credit card saved in MindBodyOnline.
  11. Clients who elect to pay for their instruction by the session are asked to keep a refundable $90.00 deposit on account at all times. This deposit will be used to cover any fees charged as the result of cancellations. (See Harmony’s cancellation policy below).
  12. Although sometimes shared by spouses, partners or parent-child, instruction packages are nontransferable and Harmony Studios does not offer refunds. Your sessions will never expire unless noted otherwise.
  13. Please be punctual for your sessions. Harmony Studios reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee for any session where the client is more than 20 minutes late (and the client has made no contact with the studio regarding his/her delay). All sessions, regardless of the time they begin, must finish at their originally scheduled time.

Harmony Studios requires 12 hours advance notice on all class cancellations and 24 hours advance notice on all private sessions or you will be charged for the session. A "no show" session, one you miss but do not cancel, will be regarded as a cancellation and all normal fees will apply. You are also entitled to the same respect. If your teacher late cancels or no-shows, you will be given a session. Fair is fair! :) All appointments and cancellations must be handled with/through the front desk as opposed to with your Harmony Studios instructor.

I understand the various risks associated with any exercise program and it is my desire to participate nonetheless. I have not withheld any relevant information regarding my physical condition that may affect me during or after my sessions. I agree that Harmony Studios is not responsible for any injuries sustained by me during exercise sessions conducted by the studio or held in its facility. Additionally, I hereby release Harmony Studios its employees and agents from any responsibility for such injuries.

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