A Hands On Approach

We have hand-picked each trainer on our team and see to it that each new client receives the best possible assessment to ensure they are paired with their ideal trainer. Each client ​receives a workout plan that caters to their needs.​ Using methods evolved from the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates and supplemented by years of practicing yoga, dance, athletics and weight training, our team of talented and highly qualified instructors concentrate on harnessing the mind-body connection and improving overall fitness. Enjoy your workouts!


KJ Luker

KJ LUKER has been a Pilates teacher for 20 years. She is an artist and a writer and an adoring mom, and she loves to learn all the time.  She also loves chocolate.

Because KJ is committed to education, she is currently enrolled in The Upledger Cranio-Sacral Therapy certification. She has Pilates certifications through the Physical-Mind Institute, BASI Pilates, and The Pilates Center of Boulder. She has studied with some of the illustrious Pilates "elders" and 2nd generation teachers including Kathy Grant, Lolita San Miguel, Jillian Hessel, Rael Isachovitz, Kathy Corey.

KJ owned a Pilates studio for 10 years, which was one of the first in the country to incorporate a full Physical Therapy facility into a Pilates studio.  At her studio, KJ was one of the creators of a comprehensive Pilates teacher training program. She was also the co-creator and teacher in the Heart of Pilates video series.  The Heart of Pilates pledge special created for PBS raised over $750,000 in less than 3 months for various PBS stations.

KJ is a huge fan of Joseph Pilates and his remarkable understanding of the human body, and is therefore a classical Pilates teacher. She is attentive to the foundations of Pilates, especially breath, alignment, and the uniform development of the whole body...and a quiet mind.  KJ has a life-long commitment to creativity and Pilates and yoga and hiking and swimming and weight-lifting and potato chips.  And love.  Ain't life grand?

Teaching Style: 
KJ emphasizes classical Pilates sequences with attention to detail, breath and precision. She is seamlessly able to challenge students to their own best efforts in a class setting. She loves Pilates and it shows. 

Caroline Aizawa from Harmony Studios

Caroline Aizawa

CAROLINE AIZAWA began her exploration of bodywork by becoming a certified massage therapist in 1989. In 1991, she was introduced to the unique training methods of Pilates and Gyrotonic Expansion System as she began her professional dance career. She is a founding member of the international touring dance company Tongue. Tongue is dedicated to developing a physical language that explores momentum, impact and fierceness; simultaneously sensual and athletic. She holds certifications in Pilates through Long Beach Dance Conditioning and BASI. She is also certified in the Gyrotonic Expansion System® and Gyrokinesis™, and is an official pre-trainer of the Gyrotonic Tower and Handle Unit. She has studied Ashtanga yoga with Tim Miller, certified with Erich Shiffmann in Hatha Yoga and is loving her current practice with Anthony Benenati at City Yoga. Caroline is certified as a personal trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine and is currently studying for Integrated Flexibility Specialist.

Through her years of study, Caroline has a developed a deep personal understanding of what it means to unify strength and flexibility; consciousness and instinct; and to have a functional, intelligent body. She now specializes in a range of training disciplines that have broadened her effectiveness in designing programs for balance, success and optimal health.

Amanda MacLeod at Harmony Studios

Amanda MacLeod

AMANDA MACLEOD Cultivated in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, blossomed in NYC, and transplanted in LA. Amanda has spent her life dedicated to movement - Pilates, yoga, alpine skiing, whitewater kayaking, and any other adrenaline-inducing mountain sport she can get her hands on.

She found Pilates after a debilitating back injury took her away from her dance training. Through a dedicated practice, she came back stronger than ever before and was able to return to her career as a professional modern dancer.
She holds a BFA in Dance from Rutgers University and received her Comprehensive Pilates Certification from Body Arts Science International, where she apprenticed under the mentorship of Rael Isacowitz. Amanda loves helping her clients deepen their awareness and connection to themselves. She believes that Pilates provides unparalleled strength and balance to any lifestyle, and will help you discover a potential in your physicality beyond what you thought was possible.

Teaching Style:
Athletic, confident and rigorous, Amanda's classes reflect her training as a professional dancer. She is skilled and will have you working steadily the entire class. 

Andrew Boyle at Harmony Studios

Andrew Boyle

ANDREW BOYLE has enjoyed the pleasures of working with Harmony Studios, and being a component in developing the health and well being of its clients. He comes from an extensive performance background in dance, theatre, and voice. Classically trained in ballet, modern, and jazz, he discovered Susan Klein Release Technique, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, yoga, breath work, and meditation along the way. Andrew came to GYROTONICS  in 1995, studying and training exclusively for two years under founder Julio Horvath, and mentor Master Trainer Leda Franklin on the machines and in GYROKINESIS. Today, Andrew works with clients to help them move toward a pain free day to day experience, bring awareness to the habits that can plague each of our bodies, and allow the movement to build the strength and flexibility needed in today's world.

Jennifer Tillett at Harmony Studios

Jennifer Tillett

JENNIFER TILLETT , an Ohio native, earned her BFA from the University of Cincinnati. under Ivon Dahl she completed her comprehensive Pilates Certification in 1998. Passionate about continuing education, she obtained a second Pilates Certification through the Pilates Method Alliance in 2010. In 2013 she moved  to Florida where she was the Head Instructor and Master trainer at Wave Pilates Studio in south Tampa. Life brought her back to California and she is thrilled to return to Harmony Studios.

Jennifer believes Pilates is truly teaching people how to move and use their bodies, not just a collection of exercises.  She has seen in her own body, the impact Pilates can have.  After a fall and herniated disk, she was told surgery was inevitable.  But with patience and Pilates she rehabilitated her back and went on to complete multiple marathons.  Having taught full time for nearly two decades, she has taught all ages and ability levels.  

Teaching Style:
Jennifer has an easy going and patient nature, with strong attention to detail. Her class is always fun and she’ll make you work hard without realizing it! 

Mallory Butcher at Harmony Studios

Mallory Butcher

MALLORY BUTCHER has been teaching Pilates for 12 years and dancing professionally for 11. She originally wanted to be a dance therapist but her career as a performer took off. Her desire to use movement and exercise to create body awareness in people remained strong, which is what led Mallory to Pilates. She went on to get her training at Groundfloor Exercise Studio in NYC, and her certification through Pilates Method Alliance.

Mallory's BFA in dance performance and choreography gives her the ability to expertly design balanced workouts for each individuals' needs. Using the six main Pilates principles as her guide, her unique and effective teaching style fuses classic Pilates with yoga, massage, free weights and cardio, leaving her clients stronger, more balanced, and confident.

Since living in LA, Mallory has become a certified health coach through the Health Coach Institute and established her own wellness brand called daretoBAREwellness, which stands for Believe, Achieve, Reinvent & Empower. Implementing these tools, along with her Pilates knowledge, she hopes to empower everyone to recognize just how strong, beautiful and capable the body is at adapting, changing, powering through and reinventing itself!

Teaching Style: 
Mallory works at a steady beat. She brings to class her playful and disciplined approach from her dance training and is what we call a stealth butt kicker. She'll work you hard with a calm approach. You'll know you had a workout out the next day! 

Penny Compton at Harmony Studios

Penny Compton

We grow old because we stop moving. So says PENNY COMPTON.
After graduating UCLA and upon obtaining my Ph.D. in Nutrition my passion for the physical came to the fore. I not only became a devoted fan of running, but completed a number of marathons – NYC being my favorite and performing my best time. After many years of running, I became interested in long-distance hiking. I was fascinated by reading a memoir by the writer Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park, The Great Train Robbery, etc.) who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa on a whim. I had always wanted to go to Africa on a safari. Being an animal lover I thought this would be a good way to not only see Africa and its glorious surroundings, but also move my body as well. My success in climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro inspired me to take on a few more mountains: Mt. Whitney in California, the base camp of Mt. Everest in Nepal, and the deep crater, Haleakala, in Maui.

Having reached personal milestones, I am thoroughly passionate about teaching Pilates for the past 13 years. It is my joy and purpose in life to inspire others to obtain and maintain vibrant physical and mental health. We don’t stop moving because we grow old – rather -- we grow old because we stop moving!!!!!

Teaching Style:  
With her infectious laugh and smile, Penny delivers a dose of tough love Pilates bound to get your heart rate up. Her core intensive class is more akin to a power workout. Although she demands the best workout from you,  she has a heart of gold. 

Elissa Kerhulas at Harmony Studios

Elissa Kerhulas

ELISSA KERHULAS discovered Pilates 30 years ago when a neighbor Pilates instructor helped her heal after a car accident. Since then she’s developed a repertoire of Pilates exercises for addressing specific issues which also incorporates her training in dance, yoga and breath work. She offers challenging classes and private sessions that are safe, adventurous and always fun.

Teaching Style: 
With her background in Yoga, meditation and the healing arts, Elissa has a more Zen approach to a classical Pilates practice. She is warm and encouraging. Great for days when you want to move but need to slow it down a bit! 

Jennifer Olsberg at Harmony Studios

Jennifer Olsberg

JENNIFER OLSBERG a former dancer and advid yogi, is a Los Angeles based Pilates instructor for over 17 years. In studying Pilates she has had the opportunity to learn both East and West Coast modalities. First under Romana Kyzanowska, where she studied the classic dance intensive east coast style and then refining her knowledge under Marie Jose-Bloom's therapeutic philosophies. Also certified in the Gyrotonic Expansion System and the Power Plate, she offers a great deal of flexibility with her clients and feels fortunate to be able to share her knowledge of the body to help others.

Teaching Style:
Exuberant and spirited, Jen O blends her intuitive knowledge of people's bodies, her background in Yoga, dance and Gyrotonic as well her Classical pilates training into classes that will have you working with precision and flow. 

Jennifer Martin at Harmony Studios

Jennifer Martin

JENNIFER MARTIN was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California and has over 20 years experience as a fitness coach, teacher, and trainer.
She is a certified Pilates teacher through the Physical Mind Institute, New York since 2004. She is also certified on the Power Plate, Kettlebells, weight training, TRX, the Bosu balance, and more. Jennifer studied dance and theater at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and then continued her education at the University of Southern California, earning her Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Dance and Acting. While she was at USC, she taught at Jane Fonda's Workout, and later at The Spectrum Clubs, The Sports Club LA, and Equinox. She has been featured in many fitness DVDs and has taught abroad for Australia's TV show- "Fitness OZ style". Jennifer is constantly continuing her education to help her clients achieve their health & fitness goals through a safe, effective, challenging workout for the mind and body.

Jennifer believes that it's not stress per se that creates problems in the body, it's how you deal and perceive of your situation that can cause the damage. When you can change your perspective, you can lessen the impact it has on you. As Joseph Pilates said "It's the mind itself that shapes the body"!
A teacher with a loyal following, if you are ready to take your workout to the next level, get into one of Jennifer’s always popular classes.

Teaching Style: 
With her endless dynamic energy, Jennifer Martin is our in house cheerleader. Faster-paced with an athletic edge, not for the novice, Jen delivers a solid kick-ass workout.

Annalisa Pessin at Harmony Studios

Annalisa Pessin

ANNALISA PESSIN came to Pilates out of a dedicated and determined effort to address her own aches and pains which stemmed from chronic tightness and structural imbalances. While her pursuit of Pilates was initially to help herself, to her surprise she discovered that she really enjoyed assessing other people's injuries and assisting them in their healing process. She was initially certified in Gyrotonics and was fortunate to shadow a master teacher at a Physical Therapy office where she was able to learn more about rehabilitating shoulder, lower back and hip injuries specifically. She also worked at a PT office which specializes in women's health and wellness where she was able to aid women in breast cancer recovery, women in both pre and post natal stages and women with chronic pelvic issues. Aside from Gyrotonic and Pilates she is certified in Power Plate and Foundation Training. Annalisa uses her wealth of knowledge, creative "out-of-the-box" thinking and attentive hands-on approach to work with clients from all walks of life. 

Teaching Style: 
Annalisa has a background in fine art and it shows! She is very attuned to detail and makes solid hands on corrections and cues akin to what you might experience in a yoga class. She is also known for innovative and creative use of Pilates props to help you get the most out of your workout.

Katina Calvin at Harmony Studios

Katina Calvin

KATINA CALVIN believes, "Encouraging people to understand their own bodies within their environment is the only way to begin to heal...move with a purpose.  You want to be independent as long as possible and not be on crutches or in a wheel chair sooner than needed - That focus begins Today!" Katina adds,  "You've been unconsciously practicing poor habits, now is the time to consciously be Present."

With a foundation in ballet from grade school through middle school, ultimately Volleyball and Track & Field became Katina's focus during High School.  Having a love for movement, combining dance and sports was the natural progression when it came time to find a career…Fitness Instructor.  She began in Hollywood during 1990 when Step Aerobics became the popular exercise in most clubs.  About a year later, her next pursuit included a long time hobby of outdoor cycling brought indoors, Spinning. Pilates and Sports Conditioning exercises have always been infused in her fitness classes and when training clients which attributed to their success.  Most come to her classes for her energy and music, they stay for her passion. 
Teaching Style:  
Katina brings steady, focused attention to a measured, but rigorous workout whether it is TRX or Pilates, she lead you through class and may well be sore the day after! Appropriate for all levels.