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Hello to a new year and new beginnings!
For many, the start of a new year is a time for setting intentions and healthy goals for the year ahead.
We would like to help you reach those goals by offering 10% off of the purchase of a series of 10 classes or 10 private sessions.
Grab this deal anytime from now until Jan 10th!
Use offer code NEWYEAR at check out, or call/email the studio.


Ready to turn your passion for Pilates into a profession?

Harmony Studios Pilates’ mission is to share our knowledge of Joseph and Clara Pilates’ work as it was originally intended, coupled with the passion to explore and integrate the latest developments in movement science. In addition to the Pilates coursework, we offer a comprehensive center where students can continue their learning process, in house, through self-practice, observation and practice teaching. We believe in mentorship and guiding each student to find their unique voice throughout the process. Our goal is to nurture thoughtful Pilates professionals who feel confident in their base of knowledge in order to plan and begin a successful career. We all grow by learning, and our aim is to provide continuing education to support and inspire instructors throughout their careers.
Our comprehensive program consists of 150 hours of lecture and lab taught in a series of weekend sessions over the course of 5 months. Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced classical repertoire on Mat, Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Chair, Cadillac and Spine Corrector will be explored. The first weekend covers History, Pre-Pilates Exercises and Anatomy. Each subsequent weekend, anatomy, principles, assessment, contraindications, cueing and exercise progressions will be woven into learning the exercises. The remaining 300 hours consist of Personal Practice, Observation and Practice Teaching Hours all of which can be completed at Harmony Studios Pilates and will take between 8 to 12 months to complete and should be done concurrently with the lecture and labs.
Next session begins in February!
Email the studio if you are interested in learning more!