• "Mallory is everything! She is a Pilates badass. Makes the class so fun and manages to kick your butt at the same time."
  • "Jennifer T is truly one of the best of the best! Every workout with her is different and she puts thought into her routines so that they match the skill of the class participants. I always feel SO good and SO challenged from her workouts and honestly am just so grateful that she teaches these group classes in addition to her privates!"
  • "KJ was one of the most supportive and challenging teachers I've had for Pilates. Such warm energy and loved how she affirms and corrects in every position. Absolutely loved her class!!"
  • "Annalisa is incredibly knowledgeable about your body. Her micro adjustments make a world of difference. She's the best in LA!"
  • "Jennifer O's sessions are the epitome of classical Pilates with challenging precise strength moves. Muscle burn is soothed by counter stretches that burn when they get deeper. Excellent class! Highly recommend!"
  • 'I cannot imagine Pilates without Penny. I was fortunate to stumble into her class over a year and a half ago and have only seen her ever since. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about Pilates form and the body, but since working with her I can honestly say I've never been stronger. She is kind, dedicated, and an inspiration."
  • "Jennifer M is AMAZING!! My thighs burned for two days (in a good way) after her class. Love this place!"
  • "Katina was great! I have done a lot of TRX and learned new elements and refreshed my technique for old. My heart rate was elevated early on in class and then remained there, giving me a nice cardio boost while strength training. On top of that, she was patient, energetic and knew her apparatus. Highly recommend!"
  • "Amanda is awesome! She's a great mix between funny and tough and she ALWAYS focuses on our form."