We are continually bombarded by information, by bodily and sensory overload which causes discord. It's all just part of the contemporary world we live in. Now more than ever it is crucial to attune ourselves towards greater mental, and physical balance, to align ourselves through daily practice towards our best selves. Our staff offers quick, easy to integrate tips to help you stay inspired to find harmony.



Sometimes when we are under pressure the last thing on our mind is a Pilates session, but that may be exactly what you need. Exercise releases endorphins and helps us metabolize fight-or-flight stress hormones that are triggered when when we get in a car wreck or are under prolonged stress such as a 14-hour workday. 
Anxiety causes our muscles to tense up resulting in headaches, and insomnia. Working core muscles combats headaches and neck tension by dropping our center of gravity and supporting our bodies from the abdomen allowing muscles in the jaw, neck and hips to relax.
The focus and precision of Pilates movements creates mindfulness while moving the spine relaxes the nervous system for benefits can be felt in both mind and body.

Fit tip by Elaine