We are continually bombarded by information, by bodily and sensory overload which causes discord. It's all just part of the contemporary world we live in. Now more than ever it is crucial to attune ourselves towards greater mental, and physical balance, to align ourselves through daily practice towards our best selves. Our staff offers quick, easy to integrate tips to help you stay inspired to find harmony.



Sometimes when we are under pressure the last thing on our mind is a Pilates session, but that may be exactly what you need. Exercise releases endorphins and helps us metabolize fight-or-flight stress hormones that are triggered when when we get in a car wreck or are under prolonged stress such as a 14-hour workday. 
Anxiety causes our muscles to tense up resulting in headaches, and insomnia. Working core muscles combats headaches and neck tension by dropping our center of gravity and supporting our bodies from the abdomen allowing muscles in the jaw, neck and hips to relax.
The focus and precision of Pilates movements creates mindfulness while moving the spine relaxes the nervous system for benefits can be felt in both mind and body.

Fit tip by Elaine


How we transition from one phase of our life to the next, from one career to the next. How do we transition from point A to point B? With apprehension, guided by fear? Or with sensitivity & excitement guided by love of the journey?

As a dancer, I was taught that the transitions between the movement phrases are the most important part. And as I further my career as a coach & trainer, I realize I want to offer support for all of those in transition. Transitions can be scary because while in them, we don't REALLY know the outcome on the other side. So I encourage you to find ways to enjoy the transitional moments. Make them beautiful✨

Fit tip by Mallory


If you've taken a class with me where I am also working out with you, you've probably heard me say "I'm a sweat monster!" And man, is it true.  But the benefits of a healthy sweat go beyond creating a built-in human A/C system.
Here are just a few:
1. Assists in the release of serotonin = mood booster, anti-depressant, fast acting happy pill.
2. Detoxification - sweat offers an escape route for the s*** that your bod doesn't want around! 
3. Specifically, it helps eliminate BPA from the body.
4. Clears the skin by flushing out pores (make sure to wipe it off) and babe, your glowing! ✨

5. Heals wounds - your sweat glands contain a storage of adult stem cells that aid healing!

6. Leaves your skin covered in a naturally produced antibiotic! Woah...pump the brakes...!  Sweat contains natural anti microbial peptides (AMPs)! 

So get up and start moving!

Fit tip by Amanda


Here's the truth that no one really wants to hear: this wellness journey is forever. That doesn't mean without a day or two off or without tweaks! But, a very conscious decision of forever. Exercising is not a means to an end. It's the everything and the end! Eating balanced/well is fuel for your body which means treating your body well is your forever! Drinking water and taking in proper vitamins and nutrients are also forever.

So, instead of thinking that you have to get in shape for whatever event is approaching or going on some lame-ass diet: just be good to yourself daily and you won't need to ask yourself: "how long will that take to lose..." and you won't have to tell yourself "I can't do such n such because I'm not in shape". You'll be there. You'll feel great.
You'll be the best you!
Forever. ❤


Studies have proven that showing happiness to others makes oneself feel happier!

Giving a compliment, saying "have a nice day" to strangers, and giving hugs are a few ways one could spread happiness. Researchers at UC Irvine asked students to take a happy pic of themselves or of other people (and then send the pic to those people). The result: all students felt happier after taking the pictures! Instagram away! :)


Both ways to stretching require daily dedication and awareness. Dedication in 5 minute increments and awareness that you are actively doing something.
Stretching whether passively (yummy feeling) or actively (engaging and fatiguing muscles into submission) requires your participation!  

You must think about what you’re stretching. As well, think about what the two end points are…knee and hip for hamstring or quad stretch? Elbow and shoulder for tricep or lats.

Mind you, this will require you to learn your muscles. At the very least, the bigger ones.  This is your only body. You get only one! Learn it, appreciate it, love it. 
In return, it’ll make you feel so good!!


Now really is the time to take it all in...
Look at your personal past; physical, mental and emotional. Not your friends' pasts, only YOURS. Unless you have an identical twin, no one can really help you except you.

Assess what worked, what didn't and how you can make it work for you now. Not next week. But, now. The world is in flux and you need to get you grounded.
Here's your homework for this week:
Plan your DAILY workout schedule. Even if it's a 10 minute stretch or walk: plan it now.
Plan your food goals: more veggies? Less booze? Stick to it.
Plan your proud-personality goals: who do you want to be? How do you want to be seen?
At the end of every day, reward yourself for succeeding and exceeding your goals by simply being proud of yourself. Not with food or a glass of wine or retail therapy. Just a big self-hug.

Love, Peace and Harmony to us all in 2017.


What if we saw fear as a positive, fun challenge to overcome as opposed something daunting and negative? Bungee cord jumping? Starting a business? Going back to school? What if you knew the essential outcome? If the adrenaline isn’t pumping, it’s too safe. It’s too easy.   Baby steps….do a dance class where you may feel (and know you are) super gawky. Go to a movie alone - on a Saturday night. Take a road trip!  Take a step back and assess what’s holding you back from doing something you want to do or attaining something you want to have. What’s the worst thing that could happen?!   Better yet: what’s the best??


With Acceptance Comes A BIG Reality Check

1. Accept that you are a work in progress (WIP). 2. Accept that you may or may not have the body you want in the timeline you set for yourself. BE REALISTIC.
Factor in: age (real age ladies!), height, weight (real weight, ahem), physical activity for the last 2 years, and food intake.

3. Accept that you will always be a slave and student to and for your body and mind.
“You are always a student, never a master..” - Conrad Hall
4. Accept that you need help. We all do. AMEN! Do not tell me that 100% of the time: you know what you eat and your workouts are perfection. No one is that perfect and there is always someone out there that has stellar advice (defer to #3). Put your ego aside. ????

So, what now? Seek help. Look inside yourself and figure out what it is that you want and need physically and mentally and emotionally from this and create a gameplan with the help of internet, friends, professionals (Harmony Studios!) etc.


Celebrate your soul. Celebrate life; your friendships and happiness. Friendships are necessary for the soul. They feed and nourish your soul.

We are inherently pack animals and need external love to help feed our internal needs. Everyone needs this!

Tell your friends that you love them. Give and tell yourself that same love. Daily. Start now. ♥