We are continually bombarded by information, by bodily and sensory overload which causes discord. It's all just part of the contemporary world we live in. Now more than ever it is crucial to attune ourselves towards greater mental, and physical balance, to align ourselves through daily practice towards our best selves. Our staff offers quick, easy to integrate tips to help you stay inspired to find harmony.



What if we saw fear as a positive, fun challenge to overcome as opposed something daunting and negative? Bungee cord jumping? Starting a business? Going back to school? What if you knew the essential outcome? If the adrenaline isn’t pumping, it’s too safe. It’s too easy.   Baby steps….do a dance class where you may feel (and know you are) super gawky. Go to a movie alone - on a Saturday night. Take a road trip!  Take a step back and assess what’s holding you back from doing something you want to do or attaining something you want to have. What’s the worst thing that could happen?!   Better yet: what’s the best??