Andrew Boyle

ANDREW BOYLE has enjoyed the pleasures of working with Harmony Studios, and being a component in developing the health and well being of its clients. He comes from an extensive performance background in dance, theatre, and voice. Classically trained in ballet, modern, and jazz, he discovered Susan Klein Release Technique, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, yoga, breath work, and meditation along the way. Andrew came to GYROTONICS in 1995, studying and training exclusively for two years under founder Julio Horvath, and mentor Master Trainer Leda Franklin on the machines and in GYROKINESIS. Today, Andrew works with clients to help them move toward a pain free day to day experience, bring awareness to the habits that can plague each of our bodies, and allow the movement to build the strength and flexibility needed in today's world.

Andrew Boyle is currently not instructing any classes.