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Are you looking to break a sweat or relax and wind down? We offer Pilates Reformer, Pilates Tower, TRX, Strength Training and Restorative Classes.



So you're ready to try Pilates but don't know where to begin?  Choose between two easy options for your first visit to Harmony Studios.

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Are you recovering from a recent injury? Looking to address specific physical goals or just curious about Pilates and if it might be right for you? Perhaps you've been doing Pilates for years, just returning to it after awhile or you are brand new to the method, regardless our Assessment workout is designed specifically with the needs of the individual client in mind. The Assessment serves not only as an introduction to our studio, but as diagnostic tool to better help you build a foundation for future Pilates sessions and classes.

One of our senior instructors will lead you through a work out designed to give us (and you) comprehensive information and insights about your goals and your body--strengths and imbalances, as well as taking into account any injuries you may be addressing. There is no substitute for expert, one-on-one attention and we definitely encourage anyone brand new to Pilates to do an Assessment workout before endeavoring to do group classes. After the 55 minute session the studio directors and Assessment trainer will work together to find instructors whom we feel you'd work best with based on your needs, goals and personality. Please call or email the studio directly to book. 


Have you been doing Pilates regularly and love the motivating energy of group workouts?  Sign up for one of our Intro Class Specials. While we do encourage anyone brand new to the studio to do an Assessment session first, if you don’t have any major concerns or injuries and have been doing Pilates regularly or if cost is a concern you may book group classes through the website or the MBO Connect App. 

Harmony offers classes 7 days a week, with convenient times throughout the day to suit even the busiest of schedules. To ensure that each client gets a little hands-on attention, all of our classes are kept to 7 people or fewer.  Take a peek at the  Class Descriptions  to get a feel for our various class offerings.  Each of our qualified trainers has their own unique teaching style as well, so be sure to consult our Harmony Staff  page for a little insight into each trainer's individual style.  Signing up is easy!  You may create a profile, purchase and book your classes online. 

  • "Mallory is everything! She is a Pilates badass. Makes the class so fun and manages to kick your butt at the same time."
  • "Jennifer T is truly one of the best of the best! Every workout with her is different and she puts thought into her routines so that they match the skill of the class participants. I always feel SO good and SO challenged from her workouts and honestly am just so grateful that she teaches these group classes in addition to her privates!"
  • "KJ was one of the most supportive and challenging teachers I've had for Pilates. Such warm energy and loved how she affirms and corrects in every position. Absolutely loved her class!!"
  • "Annalisa is incredibly knowledgeable about your body. Her micro adjustments make a world of difference. She's the best in LA!"
  • "Jennifer O's sessions are the epitome of classical Pilates with challenging precise strength moves. Muscle burn is soothed by counter stretches that burn when they get deeper. Excellent class! Highly recommend!"
  • 'I cannot imagine Pilates without Penny. I was fortunate to stumble into her class over a year and a half ago and have only seen her ever since. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about Pilates form and the body, but since working with her I can honestly say I've never been stronger. She is kind, dedicated, and an inspiration."
  • "Jennifer M is AMAZING!! My thighs burned for two days (in a good way) after her class. Love this place!"
  • "Katina was great! I have done a lot of TRX and learned new elements and refreshed my technique for old. My heart rate was elevated early on in class and then remained there, giving me a nice cardio boost while strength training. On top of that, she was patient, energetic and knew her apparatus. Highly recommend!"
  • "Amanda is awesome! She's a great mix between funny and tough and she ALWAYS focuses on our form."

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Nestled in the ❤️ of West Hollywood, Harmony Studios is a full-service, private instruction facility specializing in personalized Pilates regimens. Using methods evolved from the work of Joseph Pilates, the studio developed their own philosophy by blending the mind-body connection with old-fashioned get-in-shape, stay-in-shape sensibility.​ A Pilates-evolved movement center capable of addressing each individual body as a unique instrument. Harmony Studios offers you the opportunity of a well balanced, safe, efficient and aesthetically beautiful workout. Uniquely versatile, our approach can be adapted to the needs of a wide range of people, from those with limited mobility in rehabilitation to the elite athlete.

Harmony Studios' one-on-one instruction utilizes traditional Pilates equipment. It also houses a complete TRX Suspension Training setup, Gyrotonic Expansion System™, and Power Plate services with The Xcceleration Station. All of this and more is offered at Harmony Studios within a spacious, zen-chic, eco-friendly, ​tranquil environment surrounded by treetop balconies and sun-dappled gardens.